You Can’t Fly If You Don’t Jump

So it is no longer a secret that we are moving.

Destination? We don’t know yet. That’s part of what makes it so exciting, but also part of what makes it scary. In a little over three weeks, we will be packing up our lives and taking a step in the general north-western direction.

Yesterday, I was talking to a portable storage unit company (I’m not writing a review yet, haha) and the woman I spoke to gave me the words of wisdom at the top of this post. She told me:

“You can’t fly if you don’t jump. You might fall a couple of times, but eventually you’ll fly.”

She told me her story and I told her mine, and at the end of that, I not only had booked my storage facility, but had a heart full of hope.

If you always wait until you are ready, you’ll never do it.



Really all that I’m trying to say is that I am still nervous, and I am not ready, and I may never be. But we are going, probably sooner rather than later, now. And it is going to be great.

Before ending our call yesterday, she told me that I was brave.

And the brave ones always fly.