Single Speed Living

It has been a while since I’ve written anything. This isn’t because nothing interesting has been happening. No, life certainly continues to be an every day adventure, despite my regular routine.

I work at a bike shop now, which has simultaneously increased and decreased the amount that I ride. I sleepily wake up an hour early on Saturdays to go on our shop road ride and hammer on the trainer once a week…or try to at least… but the more often I ride on the road, the more I want to get off it. I’ve played around with the idea of converting my road bike into a cross bike, but unless I get a second wheelset, I am giving up my speedy transportation machine. I’ve also put a lot of thought into a mountain bike, but my previous experience with the trails in Ohio on a freshly fractured ankle left a somewhat skeptical taste in my mouth. (It’s still probably the route I will take to get off of terrible-driver-infested roads and into the sugar sandy scrub trails of Florida).¬†Lucky for me, though, I was granted a single speed beach cruiser by the job and it has changed my perspective a little bit.

Comparing a bike to a car has always been a no brainer to me. Two wheels are superior to four any day. And, anything that saves me money is a plus in my book. My road bike has always been my go to – the speed that it has just can’t be beat. I never thought I would ever own a beach cruiser. Now that I have one though, it is becoming my biggest form of transportation. It also cruises slow enough that I am okay with riding on the sidewalk – two of the reasons that Q would never ride with me. It’s slowed me down and let me cruise around and see a little more of the world¬†and I love it.