Of Missing Things.

The thing about growing up in and living in one town for 20 years is that you get used to it. There are parts that you grow to dislike, especially growing up, but there are more parts that become a part of you. Despite that, getting out is never far from a young adults mind. Regardless, the friendships made in that time are ones that never go away.

The thing about living a nomadic existence is that even though you always have a friend, they aren’t always across the street.

Since leaving the state of Ohio, I have been to and lived in several incredible places and met so many incredible people. However, I have not been able to bring any of them with me. If I could have my way, the same friends that I only had to walk across the street to in Westerville and walk down the hall of the dorm to in Athens and get on a boat with in the Keys and climb up a rock to in California would all be in my room with me right now.

The thing about moving a lot is that I always have to miss someone. And the thing about right now is that I miss everyone more than I ever have before in my life.

I went 22 years of my life without being significantly homesick. I have always been able to distract myself by some incredible place or activity that I was privileged enough to do growing up. Since becoming an adult, I have grown to miss my home far more than I ever have before. Anything from a taste of ice cream or a view that reminds me of an old friend or a new person who reminds me of an old one can make me nostalgic for different times.

The thing about growing up, though, is that you learn that home is not a place. Home is all of the people who have impacted your heart and your decisions and your mind along the way. Home is what makes you who you are and is what brought you to where you stand in this moment, and home will always be where you make it. I am feeling homesick right now, I will admit that, but not for a place. For everyone I’ve ever called friend or family.

Here come the nostalgic photos…not sorry.

10996032_10152635113630877_7071862423776152219_n 2 cute  4 words blog3 wpid-wp-1404497626807.jpeg wpid-wp-1399570338390.jpeg

wpid-wp-1399570321435.jpeg wpid-wp-1399570382673.jpeg wpid-wp-1399570376383.jpeg wpid-0201142126.jpg wpid-IMG_146695537688445.jpeg

via Erika Hartman

via Erika Hartman


There are so many humans and animals and places that I miss right now. I love you all.


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