The Grind

This real life thing and I have had quite a rollercoaster of a relationship so far.

Cocoa Beach welcomes me!

I don’t have a job yet…still…and I range from being enormously okay with it to restless and grumpy. The fact that I saved a good amount of dollars in the past few seasons at base help, but I still want to focus my energy on contributing to something. I like working. A lot. I’ve felt hopeful about every job application I have submitted and have still heard more or less nothing at all.

That being said, I really like surfing and riding my bike and fishing, which I am able to do whenever and wherever I want to. This freedom to do anything at anytime is almost overwhelming. I currently have almost no obligations – work, school, friends (eep…) – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s been a little bit of a struggle to not sink into the cavernous depths of Netflix and create goals for myself, but with help from my dude, I’ve (we’ve) decided to focus on tackling my bucket list. I had to create a physical copy for a class with the one and only Giles Lee last fall, and since printing it, I have been able to check five of the many dreams off. Some are a little bit less impressive seeming than others, like “own a waffle maker,” and “graduate on time,” (check and check 😛 ) but it is a kind of cool thing to do. The act of picking up a pen and cross something off that you’ve talked about doing ever since you found out what it was is incredible.

I'm flying!

I can’t remember the first time I learned what skydiving was, but I have remembered talking about it and wanting to do it since whenever that first discovery was. At the very least since I turned 18. I’ve always had a little bit of a tendency to say that I am going to do things, and then just not, but this past Wednesday, I followed through. I found a Groupon for a location near me that also included a free tshirt (can’t say no to that!), and did it and boy am I glad I did. The view of the Indian River from 18,000 feet was breathtaking, and the parachute ride was the most comfortable I have ever been without my feet touching the ground. I cannot wait to go again. I know that I will go again. I have to take Q, haha.

Up next on the list? Master surfing. I have been twice since getting here, and now that we have our own board (soon to be boards!), it is a lot easier to go. I also am thinking about trying something new, like pole dancing fitness or kite boarding.

I am also going to head home for homecoming in a couple of weeks. I have never been more excited to be in Ohio in my whole life. I like it here, and I love the state of Florida, but I’ve never been homesick like this before. I need to get out of here for a little while. But I’ll come back, for now. Shoot, if I have a surfboard, a bike, a fishing pole, and cool people, what else do I need?



Applying for jobs has been a strange experience here in Cocoa. I will look at listings and turn down options that are more than a 30 minute drive from my apartment, and then turn around and apply for a job in Hawaii or Oregon or something like that.

I’m not sure what else I had to say about this. I just think that it’s kind of funny.


Of Starting Over.

This morning, I went for a run. This otherwise not so noteworthy deed meant something to me, though, because it was the first run that I have been on in a very long time, and I ran like I used to. Not so much in terms of speed or distance, because neither of those were even close to where I was in the past. No, even though I would actually have to train to run a 5k right now, I ran until I needed to stop, and then turned around and kept running back home. The last time I did that, truly, I ran ten miles. Today I ran two and a half miles at a 12 minute/mile pace, which is disappointing in one way, but an achievement in that I did it. I got up and left the apartment and did it.

It’s been kind of a culture shock, being here in the new place. I grew up in true suburbia, went to college in a small town, experienced Sea Base and the Keys, and now I am in a more diverse and slightly more urban setting than I’ve ever lived in. So while I may not have any friends or a job yet, all I have to do is get up and leave the apartment and try.

Starting from the beginning is never easy, and it’s easy to fall into a rut and just try to get out. I am going to get a job and join a running group and make the very most of every single day that I have here, and save up lots of money so that I can travel when I can.