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This summer, as with any season at Sea Base, was one of the best of my life. I made some of the best friends and some of the best memories of all time, ever.

Island Mates take on Key West

The view from the Lilyanna.

Higgs Beach

Summer 2014 Out Island Mates

It is because of this, among other things, that it is such a shock to be living in a small apartment with my dude Q suddenly. Instead of rolling out of a tent to go to work, I wake up (still on the floor) in air conditioning and don’t have a job or any friends other than Q here.

It’s a shock, but it’ll be an adventure. The more we unpack, the homier that the place feels. Once I get a job (hopefully one that I love at least half as much as I love being an island mate…) it will be better too. And you know what, if I hate it, I’ll find some way to escape. We are ten miles from the beach and I will have plenty of opportunities to swim, run, and surf. My plan today will involve some exploration, both out there and online. I am determined. Cocoa, FL and the surrounding area are full of opportunities just waiting to be had and by golly I will stop freaking out and I will find them.

Escapism has been my main coping mechanism for things that frighten me (specifically, real life). It can only get me so far, and it only is more intimidating now that I am actually here. If I go out and talk to people and meet the lady across the way who has a beautiful yellow labrador, I will be successful.

I don’t know where I am going from here, but I know that it won’t be boring. Life is what you make it, and I am going to make mine interesting.