My indecisiveness and the wide world of opportunity that I have in front of me is putting me in another limbo of not knowing. As with any type of limbo though, all one can do is lean back farther and hope not to hit the ground too hard. Q and I spent some time this morning hunting for apartments and I then applied for a new and different job for the fall…across the country from where those apartments are. It is a strange thing, to have a person who I am relatively attached to in this stage in my life. He is in a different stage, and that is fine and good. It is just strange. I look forward to him being able to adventure with me during the year, when neither of us are in school.

The only plans that I desire to have are for homecoming next October and for Christmas.

I think that the more options I create for myself, the harder it will be to choose. I will either do everything or none of it. 


One thought on “Decisions

  1. Not knowing can be scary, especially when the first 20 years are carved out for us. Options are good. Don’t over think it. Follow the light, do what makes you happy, and let things naturally unfold. That’s all I’m trying to do :]

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